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Ryan CISPCA Cook Islands


Animal Center Volunteers

To visit us please call David, our Shelter Manager. 

(+682) 54858, or book your visit here:

Upgrade our Shelter

Infrastructure and adding a new building that will house an administrator and isolated area for the dogs. Also, a kitchen and a good-sized feeding area. Included in this building we will have a medical bay for the dogs in treatment. 

GOAL: $250,000

CISPCA Cook Islands

Transporting the dogs

We only have one van and is very old and rusty. We cannot get a Warrant Of Fitness (WOF) and urgently need two vehicles, one for transporting the animals for the shelter and the other for welfare picking up abused animals in distress and delivering of education to the schools of how to look after a dog. 

Each Van: $50,000 each

CISPCA Cook Islands

Health & Safety for the dogs

For vet treatment and extra safety for the dogs we require $10,000 per year for 35 in house dogs and 20 fostered dogs. Plus 17 puppies. 

Goal: $10,000 per annum 

wolfy doggie CISPCA Cook Islands

Upgrade our Volunteer House

We need to furnish the volunteer house and fix the patio which is falling down so it is available to volunteers to live-in.

GOAL: $20,000

CISPCA Cook Islands

Connect to the Power

The shelter and the house at the top has no power and very little water. For the electricity to connect to the shelter will cost $40,000

GOAL: $40,000

CISPCA Cook Islands


Papua Rd, Takitumu District, Cook Islands, Papua Rd, Cook Islands

(+682) 54858

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